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Warning signs of a child vision problem

Every child learns most of the things by looking at other people that is vision plays a very important role in a child’s learning. When a child isn’t able to learn and develops learning difficulties, chances are the child has visual problems. You will be surprised to know, 60 per cent of the problems are undiagnosed. This overall hinders a child’s education as well as social qualities. However, there are plenty of ways by which you can make sure this doesn’t affect a child.

The problem started because adults don’t usually realize the child is suffering from the visual problem and mistakes it for learning disabilities. It is never taken into the view that, the problem might actually be the eye. What the adults actually think of is, they are facing a tough time and struggling to make their children learn the basic day to day tasks while their peers are having an easy time. The child is often in huge disbelief and struggle and parent fail to understand it, especially when the parents are violent.

Symptoms parent must watch on to know the child is suffering from visual problems:

  • If your child blinks more than often and rubs his/her eyes constantly you must definitely get your child’s eye checked up.
  • If your child doesn’t pay attention for a lot of time and is easily distracted in minutes.
  • If your child struggles with reading or any close-up activities, or if he/she simply tries to avoid any such activities, you might want to look out for a doctor’s checkup.
  • Getting frequent headaches is the biggest symptom of developing any kind of visual impairment. If your child complains about it, never ignore and consider treatment.
  • Another sign is if your child covers one eye. Get a doctor’s appointment right away.
  • If you notice a weird way your child tilts his/her head, this is as well a symptom of the visual problem.
  • Another small noticeable difference is if your child holds his/her materials close to the eyes.
  • If the child has a difficult time remembering what he/she read.


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