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Squint and lazy eye in children

Have you ever encountered a child or an adult who look in a way, but the viewer doesn’t actually understand in which direction he/she might be looking at. It is a condition where both the eyeballs don’t point in the same direction. It is actually a virtual problem in which the eyes lose their alignment and as a result point, both point in different directions. For instance, one eye may happen to appear straight, while the other eye revolves inwards, outwards, upwards, downwards or literally any direction. This condition doesn’t have an age barrier and, can affect children as well as an adult.


The name given to this visual condition is Amblyopia, also known as lazy eye. The problem affects one eye or both the eyes loose vision, and the results from abnormal vision development during childhood. This actually leads to blurry vision. The causes can be crossed eyes, unequal far-sightedness or near-sightedness. Any kind of physical obstacles such as cataract may also lead to the development of this condition. This condition falls under all the various conditions which lead to loss of vision among all the children age group.


Causes of squint eye


Though there has been a lot more advancement in the medicinal industry, yet the exact cause of squint eye is unknown.


But let’s have a rough understanding. There are six muscles which control the movement of the eyes and help coordinate the eye. Each of the muscle gets along with the same other muscle and hence results in the precise movement of the eye. But, if the coordination among the muscles is somewhere lost, it results in the loss of alignment of the eye.


The reason for the misalignment is predicted as the presence of any sight-threatening condition in the eye or simply poor vision. So, best Squint Surgeon in Delhi suggests, any kind of misalignment spotted must be checked up. This would help you know if your eyes have suffered from any other kind of condition which might be of major concern. For e.g cataract, corneal opacities, high refractive errors and rarely eye tumours like retinoblastoma etc. There are also times when paralysis in any one eye muscles can also lead to the squinting eye. Hence, it is necessary that you get your eye checked up on time. This would help you take effective measures.


What are the various treatment options?

  • Glasses
  • Prisms
  • Patching therapy/ occlusion therapy
  • Surgery


The treatment depends upon the kind and depth of the effect. It is advised that you consult a doctor as soon as you experience any kind of difficulties or unusual sight. MM Eyetech eye testing centre India has all such facilities available. The surgeons are well equipped and knowledgeable and can determine your condition and diagnose it accordingly. The clinic is widely known for its world-class services and you can actually experience the quality services yourself. To get in contact with them, seek out on the helpline number provided and connect to us via email.


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