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Some Eye Diseases That Cause Blindness

The most common causes of blindness include diabetes, traumatic injuries, infection in the retina of the eye or cornea, glaucoma, and many others.


Symptoms of blindness


There are some symptoms which control partial blindness or complete blindness in a person, mostly like-

  • Cloudy vision
  • Inability to see size or shapes
  • Only the shadow is visible
  • Tunnel vision or poor night vision


Other than this having “lazy eye” or “Optic neuritis” also makes it difficult to see the objects. The presence of any tumor in the optic nerve or retina can also cause blindness. Let us learn Glaucoma, retinal detachment and cataract in detail.



Glaucoma is a very serious eye condition that damages the optic nerve. This optic nerve supplies all the visual information from the eye to the brain. It acts as a bridge between the brain and the eye. This glaucoma is caused due to abnormally high pressure inside the eye. Due to this, the optic nerve of the eye may rupture causing permanent blindness. If it’s treated at an early stage, then such consequences can be prevented.


The symptoms of this glaucoma are:

  1. Severe eye pain
  2. Nausea
  3. Vomiting
  4. Redness in the eye
  5. Vision disturbances at certain times
  6. Blurred vision.


This glaucoma is caused due to the following reasons:


  1. Dilating eye drops used recently in the eyes
  2. Blocked damage in your eye
  3. Frequent medications in the eye
  4. Reduced blood flow to the eye
  5. High blood pressure is the main cause of this disease.


Retinal Detachment

Retinal Detachment is another disease in the eyes that occurs when the retina separates from the back of the eye. This is an emergency and if not immediately treated, then it may cause blindness or loss of vision. When he retina gets detached from the eye, it is deprived of the oxygen. A doctor should be consulted immediately.


Some symptoms of retinal detachment are as follows:


  1. Blurred vision in an eye.
  2. Partial vision loss having a shadowing effect.
  3. Sudden flashes of light appearing in front of the eye.


There are three types of retinal detachment:


  1. Rhegmatogenous retinal detachment, where a tear or a hole is being created in the retina.
  2. Tractional retinal detachment occurs when a tissue of the retina’s surface contracts which enhances the pull away of the retina from the back of the eye.
  3. The exudative detachment is an inflammatory disorder caused due to the fluid accumulation in the eye.



A cataract is the most serious eye disease causing blindness in the eye. It is a dense, cloudy formation in the lens of the eye which develops slowly with the increasing age and disrupts your vision capability. It develops when proteins in the eye form clusters and prevents the lens from sending clear images to the retina. The retina works accordingly by converting the light into images and sends it to the brain through the optic nerve.


Cataracts are common to all older people and they need to treated as soon as possible before the situation turns worse. For cataract surgery, MMEyetech is the recommended eye clinic in Delhi.


Final Few Words

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