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Premium Cataract Surgery offers a unique opportunity to alter the refractive status of our eyes, allowing freedom from glasses for a wide range of activities.



Various intraocular lenses are now available, allowing us to implant multifocal lenses that correct distance and near vision remarkably well.


Moreover, it is also now possible to correct astigmatism, by incorporating toric implants to do so.


Premium Surgery requires advanced technological inputs and specialised training, so that we are able to successfully deliver excellent outcomes.


AT our institute, a thorough evaluation is done at the time of lens power calculation. We incorporate various technologies to determine need for toric lens, (corneal topography  (Scheimphlug exams) for astigmatism and iTrace for corneal astigmatism + aberration), along with biometry being performed on swept source OCT + ultrasound machines.


A multifocal lens allows most visual tasks of distance viewing and reading without strict dependence on corrective spectacles. If a person has astigmatism (cylindrical power), this too, can be addressed by incorporating in a multifocal toric implant.


With the advent of Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF) IOLs, which provide an elongated focal range, rather than generating two distinct focal points as in a traditional multifocal implant, the post-surgical experience of vision recovery and range of visual gain is far superior.


The advent of trifocal lenses (IOLs) has offered excellent intermediate vision, ideally suited for computer users.


Moreover, with Micro Incision Cataract Surgery (MICS) the reduction in incision size has allowed a marked reduction in the recovery time.

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