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Laser assisted cataract surgery v/s the traditional one

Eye is the vital sensory organ of a human body and is also referred to as window of the soul. The cataract is a disease that can affect your eyesight thus eventually, it will interfere with your usual activities. But do not worry as this impairment is curable by performing surgery on the affected eye. Also, with advanced technology and research, the ways of surgery for treating the cataract have seen a vast improvement. To know more its treatment, cure and recovery, call MM Eye Tech, the best cataract eye surgeon in the city. You can reach them at 011-29847800 or visit their website

Of the treatments available, the Laser eye surgery is considered safe and more precise than traditional cataract surgery. The major differences in Laser cataract surgery and the traditional one are:

  1. Traditional surgery is performed by using a vibrating needle to break the cataract. Also, a small blade is used to make an incision in the cornea to remove the cataract and replace the lenses. It solely depends on the expertise of the surgeon and for that matter does involve an element of risk.


Laser Cataract Surgery is performed by using the femtosecond laser instead of blade. Thus, it is more accurate and the risk involved is also less as compared to traditional surgery procedure.


  1. In both the surgeries, it is important to make incision as circular as possible. Also, the location of incision should be accurate as the implants are rarely replaced unless there is a complication. As per the studies, the incision created by laser is approximately 10 times more accurate as compared to the traditional cataract surgery.


  1. The cataract surgery procedure, whether it is performed by using the laser or blade, is less painful than other eye surgeries. Also, the recovery time for a patient is fairly less. However, the reason for increasing popularity of laser eye treatment is its safety, accuracy and success rate. The recovery time is also reduced in this process.

Who determines the type of cataract surgery you require?

It is the doctor who decides the type of surgery to be performed on patient’s eye after properly examining it. Mostly, the laser eye treatment is preferred because it is more accurate and safe.

Thus, if you or your loved one is diagnosed with cataract, immediately contact the eye specialist to start the treatment. It is important for the safety of your vision that the surgery is performed by the best eye surgeon.

Moreover, to prevent yourself from such a situation, you should visit the best eye hospital. Only the best cataract eye surgeon should be trusted with diagnosis of any possible defect in your vision.