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10 Eye healthy foods to eat

The eye is very powerful, essential, and predominant part of the human body. But, Eyes are very sensitive and need a lot of care and protection. Nowadays, everyone uses a laptop, and mobile for the whole day without realising the fact that these electronic items are very dangerous and unfavourable for our eyes. Children are also get affected due to the TV screen and use of mobile. To secure our eyes from any kind of harmful rays of an electronic screen, we should visit eye specialist whenever we feel stress on our eyes and should eat healthy foods.

The following food items can help keep our eyes healthy and can improve sight also-


  • Carrot: Boiled carrots and juice of carrot are very good for eyes. Carrot contains important vitamins which are necessary for eyes.


  • Gooseberry: Gooseberry, also known as Amla, is very rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants help in preventing eye disease. The juice of Amla also helps in improving eye muscles.


  • Spinach: Spinach is full of iron and antioxidants. It has all nutrients which help in the betterment of eyesight.


  • Orange: Orange contains Vitamin C which helps in improving any type of disorder. The disease of the cornea can be treated better by the intake of Orange.


  • Eggs: The yellow part of egg, yolk, fights against the harmful sun rays which affect our eyes. It also contains lutein which protects from the weakness of muscles.


  • Sweet potatoes: Sweet potatoes work against germs and do not allow them to enter in our eyes.


  • Beetroot: Beetroot contains nitrate which helps old people in the improvement of the strength of eyes.


  • Beans: Beans are full of Carotenoids which help in the loss or blurriness of eye viewing power. It also has lutein which improves the sight.


  • Broccoli: Broccoli contains lutein in it like most of the green vegetables which protect the retina of the eye.


  • Avocado: With full of nutrition, Avocado helps in protecting against Cataracts. It is fun to eat avocado and add this in a daily diet.



Therefore, all these food items contain good nutrients and vitamins which help in controlling the loss of eyesight. Also, visit the doctor for checking eyesight regularly can note down the power of eyes. There are lots of Eye specialist centre in India. One of the best eye centre MM Eyetech institute. It has the best eye surgeon in Delhi. All the doctors are very brilliant in their field. If you and your any family member or relatives have any type of Eye problem then do visit MM Eyetech in New Delhi. You can contact them via:


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