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Complete MGD Dry Eye Evaluation by SBM-IDRA (Ocular Surface Analyser)

Prolonged Dry Eye and Chronic Meibomian Gland (Lipid Glands) dysfunction are now a day’s a very common and increasing eye problem.

Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) is blockage or anomaly of Meibomian gland, so they don’t secrete enough oils into the tears. As there is less oil, the tear film on the surface of the eye evaporates too quickly, thereby leading to a Dry Eye Syndrome.

Given the increased recognition of the importance of MGD, a great amount of attention has been paid to diagnostics targeting this condition.

Ocular Surface Analyser is SBM- IDRA, one of the most advanced is MM Eyetech Institute’s recent addition to latest technology advancement.