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Cataract Surgery and Uveitis

People who suffer from chronic uveitis, are generally prone to the formation of cataracts. The cause of the formation of cataracts in people with uveitis is uncontrolled inflammation. This is a different condition as compared to the normal cataract formation. Hence, the surgery required for the treatment is different as well. There are many factors which are to be taken care of before going through a surgery.


  • Patient’s age
  • Aetiology of uveitis
  • Clinical course
  • Body’s response to medical therapy
  • Results of any previous surgical procedures


These are the aspects which are to be considered before the patient is put through this surgical procedure. It is very important that each of the aspects is thoroughly evaluated. The key to approval of surgery is total control over inflammation. This would be validated and the surgery can be conducted when there is no anterior chamber cell for at least three months. The second consideration is it has to be prepared based on any pre-existing corneal, anterior, and posterior segment pathologic changes such as:


  • Corneal scarring and leukoma
  • Band keratopathy
  • Iris atrophy and vascular fragility
  • Peripheral anterior and posterior synechiae
  • Pupillary and cyclic membrane formation
  • Anterior and posterior vitreous haze
  • Cystoid macular oedema
  • Epiretinal membrane and choroidal neovascularization
  • Macular scarring and atrophy
  • Optic nerve inflammation
  • Ischemia and atrophy
  • Retinal vascular disease, among others


The last consideration would be pre, intra and post-operative anti-inflammatory medications (mainly steroids and NSAIDs) have to be prescribed to the patient just in order to avoid any kind of serious and abrupt inflammation taking form right after the operation. It may have a diverse effect on the visual results of the patients.


Detailed information on the procedure


This surgery is actually a very complex procedure and needs a lot of expertise or else the result will not be satisfactory and not in favour of the person and the surgeon. This can be kind of a challenge for the anterior segment surgeon who would be operating on the patient.


Intraoperative manoeuvres such as synechiolysis, membranectomy, and/or pupillary sphincterotomy, use of iris retractor hooks, are all the requirements which would help you improve cataract visualization. There might even be cases of intraocular bleeding and so, it needs to be well taken care of too. If there has been an identification of vitreous haze or haemorrhage present, then consideration of combined pars plana posterior vitrectomy needs to be taken into account.


Who is the surgery suitable for?


This surgery is absolutely safe for adults but, in case of children, the surgery has to be performed with the utmost care and every minute detail must be well monitored. Our surgeon who is the best Cataract Eye Surgeon in Delhi is well experienced and would provide you with the exact successful procedure. Complete knowledge about aetiology and clinical course of uveitis is possed and managed under our hospital. You may contact with any kind of queries relating to corneal surgery in Delhi and seek help from our hospital in case you suffer from any such problem. Feel free to connect with via any form of communication:


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