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Caring for your eyes in cold weather


Self-care and protection changes when climate does. So should eye care. You change your clothes according to the changing seasons. Eye care must also vary accordingly because your eyes are prone to lots of climatic substances. These in some way or the other affect your eye. You must plan your eye care routine right away, especially when winters are near or are at your doorstep.


  • Dry heat precaution


When your eyes are exposed to heat, from any object, just as your skin dries up, so can your eyes. When encountered with such a situation, make sure you take good care of your eyes. Especially if you wear contact lenses and it doesn’t provide you with comfort. You must consider taking rewetting drops to maintain the amount of humidity. Make sure the label of both the contact lens and the drops is same. If you ever consider changing it, make an appointment with your doctor to get a clear insight.


  • Protection from reflective UV


It is mistaken, that only the summer’s UV rays are dangerous.  But, the truth stands, in winters and snow, the sun is even more reflective and hence, the winter’s reflective UV rays are even more dangerous. To be precise, it is more dangerous than in summer. Sunglasses are a great option, but not every brand and label provide you with the protection you eye deserves, so visit a doctor and seek recommendation before using any sunglass.


  • Stay safe while playing outdoor games


The special sports which people are crazy about in winter like snowboarding, skiing and ice-skating sounds all fun but do you think they are safe for your eyes? I recommend you put up the right gears before you get down to the snow.

These tips come handy and might help you to stay protected and ignore all the problems caused by any climatic influences. But apart from that, there are some serious times when you know nothing about what is wrong with your eyes. Consider meeting up a doctor to fix your issue at that time. If you need any solutions to any problem you are affected with, our hospital is the best eye hospital in Delhi, which has a solution to any eye related problem. We even provide laser eye surgery in Delhi.

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