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Bladeless LASIK, and why it is worth the extra cost?

Eyes are one of the most important and useful parts of our body and they symbolize a lot about a person. If you are willing to go through bladeless surgery and enhance and upgrade your vision as well as the beauty of your eyes there are various hospitals that provide LASIK surgery in Delhi. These clinics work hard to help people who want to get rid of their specs for their entire lifetime. Bladeless LASIK surgery helps in adding a unique feature to your vision problem by providing people with the best laser techniques.

So what basically is bladeless LASIK?

Bladeless LASIK most often known as a LASIK is basically a modified version of the normal lasik operation. It uses a laser called femtosecond to create the flap of the cornea instead of a blade that was used previously. It helps in getting softer and cleaner edges and also cures rapidly.

After the surgery, the vision of a person becomes extremely precise and the chances of blurred sight during night time gets significantly reduced. Bladeless LASIK is different from other lasik surgeries because in this technique laser is used to create the flap, unlike the normal lasik surgery where knives are used.

This technique has now been incorporated by almost all the clinics and eye hospital in Delhi as it is a very common pro­ce­dure used to cure certain eye prob­lems like hypermetropia, myopia and also astig­ma­tism.

Bladeless lasik has certain benefits like:

  • No blade is used
  • No pain is felt.
  • No stitches are required
  • No injections are given
  • No bandages are put
  • No hospitalization is required.

So in short bladeless lasik gives an advantage of walking in an out with no specs. This technique perhaps uses a topolyser which is capable of mapping the defects using thousands of unique data points and then rectify your problems by giving you an optically perfects area of the cornea with extreme sharpness.



Advantages accompanied by bladeless LASIK

There are various advantages that this surgery provides you. Some major of them are:

  1. A vision with extreme sharpness.
  2. Time taken for the operation is just 20 minutes that is you would not get tired of the ongoing operation.
  3. Comfort achieved is maximum.
  4. Recovery is very fast
  5. Guarantees complete safety.


Investment in health a must decision

When it comes to the cost of the bladeless lasik it is comparatively more but when it’s concerning your eyes which are perhaps the most integral part of the human body, no chances must be taken. If you gain your sharpened vision back you will definitely be happy by taking this decision of spending such a huge amount. So yes, the price is really worth the treatment. Perhaps, it also depends on the experience of the surgeon. If the surgeon has many years of experience he will charge more and the efficiency will perhaps be better than trusting on some who charges less amount but does not guarantee you a perfect vision.

So before you are able to decide which lasik surgery is good for you, you must go and visit the different hospitals which provide an option for lasik surgery in Delhi.