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7 things about Glaucoma one should know

Glaucoma is an eye disease which if not detected and treated early can result in vision loss and blindness. Also, glaucoma has been identified as the second leading cause of blindness across the globe. In this disease, optic nerve of the eye is damaged, which if not treated early can result in vision loss. Thus, if you or your loved one is facing any problem with the eyes, you should immediately contact the best Ophthalmologist in Delhi. It is important to detect this disease early so that you can undergo Glaucoma Surgery as soon as possible.

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If you are planning a Glaucoma Surgery, here are the top 7 things you should know:-

  1. Glaucoma can develop at any age: This disease is more common among the people above the age of 40. Still, a person with the family history of glaucoma is likely to develop it at the younger age. Also, babies can get affected by the rare form of glaucoma. Thus, visit the best eye hospitals to treat glaucoma.
  2. Glaucoma damages the optic nerve of the eyes: The optic nerve of your eye acts as a tunnel that carries the visual information to the brain. When this nerve is damaged, the flow of visual information gets disrupted. Therefore, to prevent your eyes from glaucoma, only contact the best eye surgeon.
  3. Waiting for the symptoms to appear can be a big mistake: In some cases, the symptoms of glaucoma do not appear early. Also, due to lack of awareness, people do not take this disease seriously. So, if you are in the national capital, make sure to keep a check on your eye’s health by paying a visit to the best Ophthalmologist in Delhi.
  4. It is important to cure glaucoma at an early stage: For the treatment of glaucoma, it is important that the disease is diagnosed at early stage as once the nerve is damaged it is not possible to restore the lost vision. Thus, early detection and treatment is necessary to stop glaucoma from harming your eyes. For safe and effective Glaucoma Surgery in Delhi, you can visit MM Eyetech Institute today.
  5. Eye pressure is the not the only reason: Although, the eye pressure is a major risk factor of glaucoma, it is not the only reason for the development of this disease.
  6. Glaucoma is treated by lowering the eye pressure: It is clinically proven that glaucoma can be treated by reducing the eye pressure. Some medicines are used to force the eyes to make less fluid. The fluid is also drained from the eyes by using some medicines to lower the eye pressure.
  7. To diagnose glaucoma early, a comprehensive dilated eye exam is necessary: Ophthalmologists use this technique to examine your eyes carefully and detect any sign of glaucoma at early stage.

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