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6 Reasons to know my Eyesight is Weak

Your vision is the most important aspect of your happiness and self-confidence and any defects regarding eyesight can break it. visual acuity differs or changes from person to person, from eye to eye. It can be arising from your habits or sometimes from birth. The following are some of the common causes that alarm you about the weakness of your vision keenness.

  1. Be alert to your headaches

having headaches can be a symptom of an ocular problem. It can be caused by eye strain. Eye strain can be triggered by the overtime use and pressure, improper focusing or alignment given to the eyes. For example, staring at the computer for a long time, reading to an extended period in dim light, etc. Headaches can also be the symptom of severe eye problems such as glaucoma or cataract.

  1. Are you experiencing glare or halo?

Experiencing glare and halos are the two most common vision defects that show the weakness of your eyesight. Glare occurs when a source of light enters your eye and it blockades the vision. It usually occurs in the daytime. On the other hand, a halo appears as bright circles surrounded by the source of light. You will notice this typically in dark environments or in the night. Both the glare and halos can be caused by cataract, nearsightedness, farsightedness or presbyopia. Usually, aged people are more sensitive to light and hence tend to see glare and halos more often.

  1. Notice squinting

Squint is a condition or defect where the eyes fail to align properly. In order to see objects better, you have to tightly squeeze the eyes together as it is unable for the eyes to look at the same spot or object at the same time. This vision problem can be developed from different shaped eyeballs, cornea or lens, wound on a cranial nerve, and even can be hereditary.

  1. Pay attention to blurry vision

Blurry vision implies the loss of sharpness of the eyesight. It makes the objects appear out of focus and hence not clear. Blurry vision can be the symptoms of nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia or sometimes serious eye problems or neurological disorders. It can occur in both eyes or in one eye only.

  1. Notice if you are having night blindness

Night blindness is a vision impairment where people experience trouble for vision at night or in dim or poor light. The condition is made worse when the eyes move from a bright environment to an area of dim light. The causes for night blindness include nearsightedness, glaucoma, cataract, vitamin A deficiency, retina cell disorder, certain medication, etc. the condition creates trouble for you on road because of the sporadic brightness of headlights and streetlights.

  1. Be aware of double vision

Double vision is seeing double images of a single object. It can affect one or both the eyes. The images can be either side by side or one over the other or even both. Double vision results from a number of reasons. The short-term or temporary double vision can be because of too much alcohol or extreme tiredness, which is not a cause for worry. But if it is long-lived or keeps coming back, the causes could be corneal irregularities, cataracts or astigmatism.

Final Words

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